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Sven Marquardt in 44 Label Group AW23
Via Instagram/@44labelgroup

Legendary Berghain bouncer Sven is a fashion model now

Sven Marquardt has given the 44 Label Group’s AW23 collection his all-important seal of approval

Late in 2022, it was rumoured that Berghain would close its doors by the end of the year, and while those rumours (thankfully) proved false, that hasn’t stopped legendary bouncer Sven Marquardt from securing himself a backup plan. This week, the Berlin nightlife icon raved with the city’s own 44 Label Group to showcase its AW23 collection.

Designed by techno producer and former Berghain resident Max Kobosil as a “wardrobe for club kids in a doomed future”, the collection comes plastered with hedonistic statements – “rave new world”, “blame society” – and esoteric nods to clubbing in Berlin, from record label stickers and ATM graphics, to the brand’s ubiquitous “44” tag.

The clothes themselves lean into 44 Label Group’s usual trademarks: a pitch black palette, functional silhouettes, and industrial influences. Hoodies, bomber jackets, balaclavas, and trenchcoats are tailor-made to keep you warm in the queue, paired with shorts, tracksuits, and chunky trainers for when things accelerate to 140 beats per minute.

Since officially launching in 2021, 44 Label Group has amassed a cultish following throughout the club scene, with Kobosil counting hundreds of people who have its numerals tattooed on their body. In another nod of approval, the luggage company UDG – which specialises in gear for professional DJs – has paired with 44 Label Group for its latest collection.

Of course, this isn’t Sven’s first rodeo. When Berghain’s doors were closed due to the pandemic in 2021, the photographer and doorman also scored a Bottega Veneta invite – something tells us he’ll be just fine if the club’s days are, truly, numbered. After all, who wouldn’t want the arbiter of Berlin style on their side?