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Berghain might be closing ‘by the end of 2022’

The club’s booking agency has already ceased operations

Berghain is rumoured to close its doors for good by the end of this year.

The legendary Berlin institution, which has been open since 2004, has been the topic of speculation following the shock closure of its in-house record label and booking agency Ostgut Ton earlier this month. 

According to Faze Magazine, several inside sources at the club have since confirmed its closure later this year. “The Berghain is closing forever – the final end will come this year,” one source alleges.

“One of the founders has already been paid out and is said to be staying in the countryside in Brandenburg,” another inside source said. “The others simply ‘don’t feel like it’ anymore and have other life plans in mind.” According to the source, Berghain’s “chapter should finally be closed” with no further variations of the club, by the end of this year.

Dazed has reached out to Berghain for comment.