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These Diesel timepieces are ready for every hot second of your schedule

Show your neck and wrist some love with the Glenn Martens-helmed label's bold range of watches, bracelets, and necklaces

As Diesel might attest, it’s high time you grew up and started using a watch. Aside from the fact that this cold, dark season is nothing if not an excuse to buy YOURSELF presents, it’s also a period that comes clogged with deadlines, social appointments, train times, and hangover-fuelled tardiness. As we head to a new year, these are precisely the kinds of things you might need a watch for – plus, phones are pointless time-keepers: one glance and you‘ve most likely forgotten what the time is, anyway.

Hauling your smartphone out of your pocket? Okay, Bill Gates! Watches, however, are sexy. And if anyone knows what counts as being sexy, it’s Glenn Martens. Over the past two years, the Diesel creative director has put the Italian brand at the epicentre of cool, refueling its status with daring denim, distressed dressing and its now ubiquitous IT belt. 

The centrepiece of its ever-growing watch and accessories collection is the Cliffhanger watch, a throwback to an archive style featuring a squared-off frame, mirrored glass detailing and a plunging rectangle sitting aside an oversized three. 

This season’s jewellery, meanwhile, is emblazoned with Diesel's newly-introduced Biscotto Logo: a bold, blocky emblem revising the label's iconic red lock-up and underlined with one of the finest straplines of all time: For Successful Living. You'll find it on an updated collection of silver bracelets, rings, and leather accessories - gracing you all the way up to your neck via a stainless steel chain, flexing the logo to anyone who dares to get up close.

So, if you see someone flashing open a Diesel leather jacket to reveal an inner lining of Cliffhangers and Biscotto Logo-laced accessories this season — don’t waste a second, take the lot!

Diesel watches and accessories are available to shop now.