Sven, who? Kristen McMenamy turns bouncer at Club Fendace

And more fashion news you missed

Fendace was not a collaboration”. Except, that’s kind of what it was, and that’s okay. In fact, watching a thousand Donatella’s pummell through the Versace gardens felt bombastic and incestuous, double-F mini skirts hoicked at the hip with hulking safety pins. And just as there were two distinct collections, so too are there separate campaigns, helmed by Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy, who play impervious bouncers at club Fendace. The clothes themselves will be made available through a series of global events and pop-ups, with Fendi presenting the Versace by Fendi collection, and Versace presenting the Fendi by Versace collection. Confused? Well, a capsule of joint Fendace branded looks will be available from both fashion houses. 

In other fashion news this week, Supreme continued its collaboration with Harmony Korine, debuting a Gummo-inspired capsule, while a new fashion magazine launched, bridging the worlds of sports and culture. For everything else that may have passed you by, click through the gallery below.