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Demna's husband BFRND for Balenciaga campaign
Courtesy of Balenciaga

Who’s your BFRND? Demna’s husband stars in new Balenciaga campaign

The musician features alongside Kim Kardashian in the house’s latest series

Musician BFRND has popped up in a whole bunch of Balenciaga projects across the years. From soundtracking its blockbuster shows, and becoming an avatar inside its Afterlife videogame, to getting animated for the house’s very special episode of The Simpsons circa SS22, Demna’s husband has been there, done that, got the (very oversized, possibly logo-emblazoned) t-shirt. 

Now, though, he’s stepping front and centre to take a starring role in Balenciaga’s latest campaign. Dropping today, the series sees BFRND stick to his standard all-black uniform, in the form of an XXL hoodie, a pair of trackpants, and some of Demna’s distinctive Space Shoes. Did he even change before he got in front of the camera? Your guess is as good as mine.

As usual, BFRND’s not the only star of the series. Across the next few days, the house will reveal its cast of unlikely suspects. Kim Kardashian is back for round two, after nabbing her own spot in part one of the campaign in February (which really came as no surprise, given she’d spent the last six months or so as a walking, talking billboard for the brand in endless head-to-toe looks). 

Demna – who, just to remind you, simply goes by a mononym now – originally avoided signing famous faces up to star in his Balenciaga campaigns. Instead, he explored and dissected the cult of celebrity through shoots that emulated paparazzi pics, and outings like his SS22 show, which turned everyone attending into stars – guests walked the red carpet into a theatre alongside models in full looks, quickly realising when they finally got to their seats they’d become part of a production beamed onto the cinema screen inside. 

In recent years, however, he’s become a bit more up for embracing the celebrities themselves. In 2020, Cardi B became the surprise star of her own Balenciaga campaign, before Justin Bieber and the iconic Isabelle Huppert joined the house’s cohort. Kim K was the latest addition to the growing line-up. Who’s next? Stay tuned.