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Get your hands on a Conner Ives x Dazed limited edition t-shirt

With all proceeds going to Centrepoint, a UK based charity that provides accommodation and support to homeless people aged 16-25

To celebrate Dazed’s 30th anniversary, Conner Ives (AKA one of Rihanna’s favourite designers) has created an exclusive limited drop of 30 signature reprint t-shirts.

Printed with the Conner Ives x Dazed logo, the tees are handpicked by Ives and his team from vintage wholesalers in the UK, meaning that each piece is a one-off. Plus, all proceeds are going towards Centrepoint, a UK based charity that provides accommodation and support to homeless people aged 16-25. 

“I started doing the reprint t-shirts in SS19 with my collection Nature boy. It was in an effort to create a similar product to the t-shirt dresses at a more approachable price point,” explains Ives.  

“With the t-shirt dresses, every composition is entirely unique, therefore each customer is getting an entirely one-off product. I found this to be so appealing in a RTW setting that I wanted (to create) a product that could have this same feeling,” he adds.

The Dazed logo comes in three colorways: an electric green, bubblegum pink, and cobalt blue. As for the t-shirts themselves, there’s a wide array of prints. Think: Looney Tunes characters, Roy Lichtenstein prints, and the Sprite logo rendered in acid-green tye dye. “It creates this serendipitous opportunity for mashed up graphics that only get better the more the contrast and conflict with each other,” explains Ives.

He adds: “I’ve lived in t-shirts my whole life and have always found that the older they are, the better they are. As a kid, I would raid my dad’s closet for his college tees, which I still wear to this day. There is nothing more comforting than a broken-in, well-loved t-shirt and I love that we can deliver a product that carries that same connotation.”

Take a look at all 30 designs in the gallery above, and head to the Conner Ives website to get your hands on the limited-edition timepiece.