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Tory Burch Good Luck trainer

Tory Burch wants to know: what brings you good luck?

To celebrate the iconic New York label’s Good Luck trainer, three women reflect on their rituals and routines, and how they make their own luck

The concept of ‘luck’ is personal, malleable, and expansive. It could centre around an object or token, the verdict of a big life event channeled into a childhood keyring or a shell from the beach of a perfect past holiday. Luck is bumping into a close friend downtown when she never strays from mid; it’s embedded in your ultimate feel-good song that starts as soon as you switch on the car radio. It’s your perspective on life when your paintbrush hits the page and the landscape forms perfectly in your mind, and when you stretch and reach to grab a glittering opportunity with both hands. 

Or, as highlighted in Tory Burch’s dreamy new campaign for the latest Good Luck trainer, it’s in the lacing up of a chic and fresh shoe. The seminal New York brand introduces its Fall 2021 trainer collection in a fun, freeing visual that asks – what brings you good luck, and what exactly do you do with it?

“Luck is the perfect combination of desire, intentions, timing, and action,” reflects Ajani Russell astutely. The creative and skater, Skate Kitchen member, Betty actress, model, and all-round multihyphenate talks us through her talismans in the visuals directed by Emily Lipson. Model of the moment for everyone from Diesel to Mugler Ella Snyder and singer-songwriter, “Moral of the Story” hitmaker Ashe also share their lucky moments and rituals to celebrate the new sneaker. Whether it’s an object, affirmation, or a special place and moment in time, the three young creatives explore the very personal and creative relationships with luck and what we do with it in three short films with Tory Burch and Dazed Studio.

For Ajani, it all starts with her gratitude book. “If a moment strikes and I feel very moved by something, I feel the need to write it down,” she says. For her, she holds multiple objects with sentimental value close. “It’s like I’m carrying around something that holds the love of someone that I care about”. 

Ashe stands by the concept of fate and destiny, “Luck is the stars aligning,” she affirms. With regards to her daily motions, luck ovulates in the AM. “I like to stir my coffee clockwise, slowly, a little bit like a witch,” she says. “I think it brings me good luck.” Her own lucky objects are a horse charm necklace that she wears every single day, and a pair of green, scalloped underwear that she wore first when performing at the Royal Albert Hall. “They’re not sexy underwear, but lucky underwear isn’t supposed to be sexy,” she adds.

When we think about the physical objects that we channel our hopes, ambitions, and asks for little strokes of luck from, fashion ranks pretty highly. The Tory Burch Good Luck trainer has the shape of a wishbone embedded in its sole, a design that encourages forward momentum – the physical manifestation of lucky being what you make of it. Its design is both exhilarating, comfy, and flattering with its innovative structure (the wishbone sits within a cushioned midsole to fully support the foot) and lifting curves, and iconic Double T logo.

The American designer has shared her ongoing fascination with symbols of luck across cultures and countries – the evil eye, the act of knocking on wood, intimate family traditions. Tory herself carries a red ribbon on all of her travels.

“Fashion makes me feel braver,” says Ashe. “Anything that connects me to me makes me feel like myself, it always tends to bring more positive energy into my life which inevitably brings more good luck.”

Ella Snyder’s lucky charm is tattooed on her arm, the number 34. It’s been her lucky number since high school. She shares its origin story – while in high school, she had the opportunity to attend a competitive course in Napa where students could make art with unlimited resources. She finally got to be a part of it in its 34th semester, and found herself constantly referred to by the number.

Her own lucky ritual? “I go shopping for a new outfit anytime I have something big coming out in my life, but I usually end up wearing something I already had in my closet,” she says.

“The places I like to go to to find positive energy are any and all collaborative making spaces whether it’s a photo studio, or a sound stage, or a music studio, even just an art classroom,” she adds. “Being around other people that have creative ambition and creative ideas definitely boosts my own state of being.”