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Lil Nas X Jean Paul Gautier
via Instagram (@lilnasx)

Lil Nas X goes high fashion with a Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration

For a limited run of 666 pieces

Whether he’s giving Satan a lap dance or giving birth on camera, Lil Nas X knows how to get people talking. Now, the Montero star is back with yet another equally iconic venture: a Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration.

News of the collab officially broke over the weekend (September 19), though the brand has been teasing it for a while over social media. The collection includes 666 units of its archival mesh top – first introduced in the 1990s – remixed with Lil Nas’ Montero album artwork. According to the brand, the shirt is an adapted archive print from the brand’s spring/summer 2001 collection.

The number ‘666’ is a reference to the singer’s Satan Shoe, a set of 666 custom Nike Air Max 97s infused with human blood, which he dropped earlier this year. When Nike subsequently sued MSCHF – the studio that collaborated with Lil Nas on the shoes – the 21-year-old released a mock video taking Nike to court. Of course, this isn’t the only viral moment engineered by Nas. Refresh your memory on some of his fiercest moments here.