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Frank Ocean Met Gala 2021

Wait, did Frank Ocean babysit X AE A-XII at the Met Gala?

This year’s hot red carpet accessory? A neon green robot baby… to match your hair, obvs

Frank Ocean has once again been cute on the Met Gala red carpet. Back in 2019, he interpreted the camp theme in his own way, strutting his stuff in a black Prada anorak and looking shy when a reporter asked why he’s so cute. This year – if it’s even possible – he was cuter than ever because he brought... a baby! And it matched his hair!

The baby in question was a neon green robot called Cody, who could blink, move his arms and head, and seemingly respond when Frank spoke to him – more specifically, he appeared to look at the cameras when daddy Frank told him to.

Green skin, green hair father-son combo aside, Frank was in a black and white Prada look, with a necklace from his newly-launched Homer jewellery collection, while Cody was kitted out in a patterned green and pink onesie and glistening grills. At one point, Frank put on a navy cap with the DreamWorks film logo, except it read ‘Dreamcore’ instead – a popular TikTok aesthetic that revolves around weird, nostalgic imagery that ignites a surreal sense of unease.

Some have speculated about Frank’s relationship to ‘Cody’, suggesting that he was actually hired by Grimes and Elon Musk to babysit their (definitely-not-a-robot) baby, X AE A-XII. Seems legit, TBH.

Elsewhere in Frank Ocean news, the musician unveiled his much-anticipated Prada collaboration over the weekend, which sees him re-imagine three pieces from the Italian brand, including an anorak, backpack, and belt bag.

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