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90 Years With Farah

Seeing their 90th year, the fashion brand looks back for inspiration

In Texas in the 20s, Farah was created by Mansour Farah, a design graduate who studied Shirt Design and Manufacturing in New York. The Farah brand had focused its attention on production for the army and navy up to the mid 40s, resulting in the brand gaining the 'Army-Navy E award for design and contribution' in WW2, before finally reaching the UK in 1970 where the brand became an instant hit with various movements in fashion, music and sport. Momentum for them grew and in the 80s, Farah became a must have label amongst the fashionable hipsters, including the Mods, Skins, Stickmen and Rocker-Billy’s. This Spring Summer 2010 will see Farah celebrating its 90th Anniversary year in fashion.

Throughout the years, clothing from the brand became staple items within the British man’s wardrobe and have been worn by the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Agyness Dean, The Strokes and more recently Paolo Nutini. Today the Farah label still holds the heritage and vigour it stood for then, seen in both the mainline collection and in Farah vintage. Stocked by many of the top retailers such as; Selfridges, Urban Outfitters and ASOS, inspiring a whole new generation of men throughout the world drawn to the brands musical and sporting history who are rediscovering the distinct look for themselves.