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Harry Freegard x BIMBA Y LOLA 1
Courtesy of Harry Freegard and BIMBA Y LOLA

Fall in love with BIMBA Y LOLA and Harry Freegard’s Valentine’s collab

The designer has created the campaign for the Spanish-based label’s genderless, Art Brut-inspired collection

For most of us, Valentine’s Day will be just another lockdown day – whether you have that special someone to spend it with or not. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the opportunity to dress up, darling. And in the year of our lord 2021, it’s time to go extra. Enter: Harry Freegard and BIMBA Y LOLA’s V-Day collaboration.

The London-based designer and artist (AKA Harrie Bradshaw) has created the campaign for the Spanish-based label’s genderless capsule, aptly titled BIMBA Y LOVE YOU. As well as your classic pink diamond rings and jeweled alphabet necklaces, the collection comprises maximalist earrings and necklaces featuring dreamlike characters with paint-splattered bodies and googly eyes. 

With distinctive Art Brut influences, the latter pieces aim to embody the message of universal love – regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or social class.

Speaking about the collaboration, Freegard says: “BIMBA got in touch. A Valentine’s Day moment from moi this season. They actually got in touch when I was binging a bunch of Cinzano ads starring none other than Joan Collins – enduring icon Joan Collins – so how could I resist the opportunity to pastiche some stunning advertising that I’m obsessed with?”

Freegard adds that his campaign videos and imagery are “all about love, kissing, and crushing, and the post-ironic glamour that is laced within the genius tradition of Valentine’s”.

The artist’s adverts draw on 80s infomercials. Think: elevator music, a hard-selling narrator (RP, of course), and hazy close-ups of glistening jewellery. Elsewhere, the Muzak returns, but this time with pastel collage animations of magazine-style cut-outs.

“It’s all about couples, throuples, fourouples, and loving what you like,” concludes Freegard. “This season I’m choosing to love some BIMBA Y LOLA jewellery, perhaps you should do the same.”

Watch one of the video ads for the collaboration, and see the campaign imagery in the gallery above.