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Gucci Love Love and Love zine Brad Elterman
Photography Brad Elterman, Styling Richie Davis, Creative Direction Alessandro Michele

Gucci reminds us love still exists with its cute new zine

Who knew?

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us once again. Getting into the hearts-and-flowers vibe slightly ahead of schedule is Alessandro Michele, who today debuts a v cute project that might just warm even the most stony of hearts. 

Enlisting legendary photographer Brad Elterman to get behind the camera, Gucci presents a v special version of his lo-fi, rock ‘n’ roll publication Fanzine – snappily titled Love, Love & Love. With Elterman rising to fame in the 70s for his shots of some of the biggest stars of the time – think The Runaways and Blondie – the series sees him point his lens in the direction of a diverse line-up of Gucci models. 

Celebrating love in all its forms – from siblings, parents, and kids, right through to head-over-heels couples – naturally, everyone featured is head-to-toe in the label’s 70s-esque clothes, with ruminations of love dotted throughout.

“Love is your best friend!” says Brad, clutching his adorable scruffy dog Charlie, while Matt explains he associates love with ‘fire and leather, and hearts with arrows through them’, “IDK, maybe like a tattoo with your GF’s name. Because it’s sexy ya know? Love is so sexy.” Shot around Los Angeles familiar sights, it’s also a love letter to the city itself, which is going through a bit of a rough time right now. 

Rounding things off are archive images taken from past issues of Fanzine, as Marie and Cherie serve up vintage face and hair, and singer, model, Playboy centrefold, and Liv Tyler’s mom Bebe Buell looks surprised to have been captured on cam. Check the full thing out in the gallery above and order yours here.