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Jacquemus TouTou dog puppy Instagram

Jacquemus’s puppy is here to boost your dwindling serotonin

Coucou Toutou!

With the cold winter nights beginning to draw in, Lockdown: The Sequel on the horizon, and the toilet roll hoarders back to pillage the aisles of Tesco once more, the next six months are looking particularly bleak. 

Leave it to Jacquemus, then, to bring a little joy to the TL this weekend, as he shared a photo of his new puppy. 

“MY NAME IS TOUTOU : ) I’M THE NEW MEMBER OF THE FAMILY : )” the extremely cute dachshund wrote in a post, presumably with the help of Simon himself given his lack of opposable thumbs. 

Also dropping his own IG handle, the tiny pup has already racked up almost 10,000 followers, and lists his interests as ‘croquettes, sunny days, bones, and my two dads’ and tbh: SOB. 

With Jacquemus later sharing another selfie of himself and Toutou reflected in a shop window (mask in hand: we stan a responsible king) the designer wrote “that dog’s in my team” – hit follow at @mynameistoutou to join his.