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Diesel Unforgettable Denim Julia Fox

Evan Mock and Julia Fox front Diesel’s new denim campaign

The label celebrates 2020’s ‘cancelled plans’ with a commemorative, customisable collection

The year of our lord 2020 will go down in history not just as the year the coronavirus pandemic swept the planet, but of the cancellation. From scrapped holidays and postponed gigs, to the countless birthday parties that were relegated to Zoom (please no more quizzes, we beg), nights spent on the dancefloor in sweaty basements were switched out for baking banana bread and falling asleep in front of Netflix at 10pm as we adjusted to our new way of living. 

Now, Italian denim aficionados Diesel have dropped a new line of customisable jeans that invite people to commemorate their shelved plans, or celebrate the unexpected moments that mattered to them this year. Through a specially designed online portal, or otherwise in some of the label’s international stores, you’ll be able to add personalised embossed leather patches to Diesel’s Unforgettable Denim jeans, jackets, and more. For example, why not memorialise the first moment you didn’t completely fuck up a homemade sourdough loaf? Truly one for the books. 

Fronting the project’s accompanying campaign is skater and model Evan Mock, who upped-sticks from New York and headed for Mallorca for lockdown, Uncut Gems icon Julia Fox, who restored a former love, and dancer and TikToker Donte Colley, who took the time to reflect, look inward, and become active in ‘fighting for what’s right’. 

Watch the campaign video below and head here to check out the full collection.