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Backstage at Telfar SS20 22
Backstage at Telfar SS20Photography Serichai Traipoom

The new, guaranteed way to get your hands on a Telfar tote

Here’s how to secure the bag

In recent months, getting your hands on a Telfar bag has become an extremely difficult task. Selling out in seconds, social media is awash with wannabe tote owners cursing themselves for sleeping through their alarms, missing restock emails, or simply not having quick enough fingers when it came to adding their chosen style to cart. In fact, so many have been disappointed at not scoring their very own Telfar, that there’s a whole genre of memes dedicated to their anguish. 

For those still sans their very own ‘Bushwick Birkin’, however, today brings good news. Further cementing his label’s ‘not for you, for everyone’ ethos, founder Telfar Clemens has launched The Telfar Bag Security Program, which will allow everyone who wants one to get their hands on one — without having to fight fellow fans and bots to the prize, or resort to picking one up from a reseller at a ridiculously jacked up price. Instead, people will be able to pre-order as many totes as their heart desires for one day only (which FYI is this Wednesday, August 19).

“We are not about hype and scarcity,” the label wrote on an Instagram post introducing the new program. “The whole point of our bag is accessibility and community. But when thousands of bags sell per second, we can’t even know how many to make. We plan production six months in advance. It takes time and money to make bags and we are 100% self financed.” Adding a link to the rules of the presale, the label notes payment in full will be taken, with bags guaranteed to be in the hands of their owners by January 15, 2021 at the latest — meaning, amid the shitshow that is 2020, at least we’ll have something to look forward to? 

Head here for the full rundown of The Telfar Bag Security Program, and get ready to open your purse on Wednesday. In the meantime, check out the IG post below, photos from the label’s AW20 show in Florence in the gallery above, and revisit our article on how the Telfar tote became this generation’s ‘it’ bag here