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Peter Pilotto Womenswear S/S10

The journey from sun bleached deserts to dress forms is a smooth one for this London duo.

You're never going to expect Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos to say that they've been inspired by a certain muse or a historical epoch as every season, they are always dreaming of natural phenomena that they may not necessarily have experienced in reality but perhaps that far-removed quality is what makes them able to interpret each reference without it ever overtaking the clothes. The focus has shifted this time from the stable dresses and tunics to an expansion on tailored pieces with prints of that are abstracted visions of anything from sea anemones, rippling ocean and fireworks. In this way, Pilotto and de Vos have used unexpected references from the idea of summer, which were then subtly transferred onto print.

Dazed Digital:You've looked at natural phenomena - how do you find these far-flung destinations
Peter Pilotto: We just take a very classic approach. Much like other people like to look at things like flower prints in every collection and we just like to look at other natural phenomena. Like the reflection of water or light. This collection is about daydreams and obviously there's a lot of grey because we're in London.

DD: What did you want to achieve with this collection
Peter Pilotto: We wanted to go further with this collection and expand from one category and go one step further with more tailoring.

DD: In terms of shapes, how did you develop them this season?
Christopher de Vos: It's always the mix with the shape and print. The shapes are a little bit harder this season.

DD: Is that how the chain mail came into it?
Peter Pilotto: We looked at the texture of the fabric and wanted to play around with different effects.