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Ann Ray’s The Unfinished – Lee McQueen
“Radical Honesty”Photography Ann Ray

McQueen’s latest creative challenge has landed

The label presents a new tutorial just in time for the long weekend

The long weekend is upon us, which means… well, more of the same really. While many of us are now allowed to picnic in our local parks and do as much exercise as we want (as long as we stay the equivalent of three fridges or one bed away from each other, that is), for the most part, much of the bank holiday will likely be spent indoors trying to find new ways to entertain ourselves. 

Helping out in this area is Alexander McQueen, which announced its latest ‘McQueen Creators’ challenge via Instagram this week. 

Having already set a number of tasks centred around sketching and photography, this time around the label is asking its followers to get the double-sided sticky-tape out and join it in creating the delicate paper dolls used to conceptualise garments in its atelier (otherwise known as a maquette, which sounds infinitely more fab, no?).

In a YouTube video posted by McQueen, design team member Tim Mason guides viewers through the steps from start to finish, with those trying their hand at one encouraged to share it to social media (tagging it #McQueenCreators so the brand can see it, obvs). For those not so confident when it comes to crafty things, the video also provides a nice, ASMR-y escape for a couple of minutes – watch it below.