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Pleasures True Romance collection 1
Courtesy of Pleasures

You can now get your hands on True Romance merch

It’s... so cool

Released in 1993, True Romance is the Quentin Tarantino movie about Clarence Worley, a comic book clerk played by Christian Slater, who falls instantly and madly in love with new to the scene call girl Alabama Whitman, played by Patricia Arquette. A cult classic, the movie follows the couple after they kill Arquette’s pimp, accidentally steal a suitcase full of drugs, and then embark on a road trip to LA in a convertible purple Cadillac. Spoiler alert: trouble ensues.

Along with its Bonnie and Clyde high-speed narrative, the film is also packed with countless looks, helping to cement the 90s flick as a cultural touchstone in the arena of cool cinema.

From the blue cowboy boots and cow print skirt worn by Arquette to the Hawaiian shirt sported by Slater, there is also Gary Oldman, who plays a dreadlock-wearing drug dealer, and Christopher Walken, as a Sicilian mob adviser, who round up the film’s style icons. Oh and not to forget a young Brad Pitt who plays a stoner named Floyd. 

Going on to inspire countless Halloween costumes since, the film has now got its own fashion line, as created by LA-based streetwear label Pleasures. Comprising of hoodies, pullovers, and t-shirts, the capsule collection spotlights the film’s main characters, with Slater, Arquette, Oldman, and Walken all featuring. 

The collection comes in grey, black, blue, and pink, with some pieces printed with iconic quotes and synopsis, reading “Love, Drugs, & Murder. A Detroit loner falls in love with a hooker. He murders her pimp and steals a suitcase of coke. The couple travels to Los Angeles to sell the drugs, but the mob and LAPD are close behind.” Cool, it’s so cool.

Made in collaboration with the film’s original production company Morgan Creek, Pleasures wanted to pay homage to what it calls “one of the greatest films of all time”. The collection launches today (March 13) and is available online and in stores.