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JCDC Womenswear S/S10

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac gives us a duck tales-filled show of Pocahontas meets punk.

After seeing hundreds of kids line up outside Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's first diffusion line JCDC show in Farringdon, and seeing Jean-Charles de Castelbajac debut his "Punkahontas and the Ducks" collection play out on streetcasted (with the help of DazedDigital) kids, you wonder why the pop art fashion master didn't launch it earlier. Choosing London as his first debut base with Wave Machines playing post-show, JCDC will then move onto its first-born home Paris for another show next week. We're not sure how the collection of Donald Duck hoodies, Pocahontas primary coloured feather dresses and Americana/Wild West pieces infused with poppng colours will go down in Paris but in London, everyone wanted to party with JCDC. As Castelbajac reveals, more pop culture elements are to infiltrate the diffusion line JCDC and so it will be interesting to see how his mainline collection, presented during Paris Fashion Week will play out.
Dazed Digital: Why present it in London first?
JC de Castelbajac: London is my sweetheart! It's my Madeleine de Proust. My first real emotions were in London. When I came out of boarding school after eleven years I went to London and it blew my mind! I went to see The Yardbirds at a gig and it felt like something like tonight. I wanted it to be on the (London) fashion week in my own way like a rendezvous.

It was kind of beautiful because we did the casting with you (Dazed) and we had so many people coming through. The idea with the kids was to be cool and have an attitude, not to be fat, small or thin. We got some really interesting guys which made it really exciting I can't do JCDC on models. It has to be worn by the generation who will buy it. It's a big project of mine. With second lines, most people treat it like it's not important. I want to give a generous product that's well done - a low-cost luxury.

DD: Why were the particular ideas of Donald Duck, Pocahontas etc used in the collection?
JC de Castelbajac: Before, all these ideas were in my first line, When Beth Ditto, MIA, Katy Perry and Santigold wear this (kind of clothes), all the kids want it. But they cannot afford it. I really wanted to reposition everything and make all of these things affordable. Then I can then do more experimental things in my first line!

DD: Why Donald Duck though?
JC de Castelbajac: Because he's mean! I think I might be working with South Park next season! I might mix Japanese manga type thing with South Park!

Backstage photography by Saga Sigurdardottir

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