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Gucci AW20 show MFW
Photography Isabella Burley

Gucci’s models just got dressed on the runway

...kind of

When you reach Alessandro Michele’s level of fashion fame, it wouldn’t be that surprising to find him running late to his own show. However, chatting ‘backstage’ to a number of guests, Michele seemed ready to go a good ten minutes before the AW20 Gucci presentation was due to start – but instead, it was the models who were lagging behind. Well, kind of.

Taking place at Milan Fashion Week this afternoon, the latest Gucci extravaganza (and it really was an extravaganza) kicked off with guests making their way through the Gucci hair and make-up room, while models were still in their white robes getting ready. 

Although this aspect of a fashion show is usually shrouded in secrecy (a model must never reveal their tricks), the transparent nature of the show didn’t stop there, as guests were then seated around a revolving platform shrouded by a semi-see-through screen.

As classical music began to play, the space lit up, revealing models changing out of their dressing gowns and into the latest Gucci fashions, reminiscent of the infamous scene from the fashion documentary Unzipped

With stylists running around making final adjustments and clothing racks on display, models then made their way to the front of the glass showroom, where the audience could get a better look at Michele’s latest offering – which consisted of baggy denim jeans paired with 60s-style smock tops, 70s-inspired suiting, and 18th century-style full dresses (basically, it was business as usual at the Italian label). Looks were finished with diamanté headpieces, bonnets, and bandanas, which, it would seem, are truly back for AW20.

As the show came to its final climax, the revolving room stood still and a door to the centre front opened. With models making their way out of the room, the house’s seamstresses and designers then took their place in full view of the audience, to an enormous, and truly well-deserved round of applause.