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adidas ‘Change is a Team Sport’ campaign 20
adidas ‘Change is a Team Sport’ campaignCourtesy of adidas

Jonah Hill stars in and directs adidas’ latest campaign video

‘Change is a Team Sport’ also features Blondey McCoy, Kerwin Frost, and Yara Shahidi

Everyone’s fave fit king, Jonah Hill, announced an upcoming collaboration with adidas on his Instagram a few weeks ago – now, the actor and filmmaker has dropped a new film with the sportswear brand, in which he stars and directs.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of adidas’ iconic superstar trainers, the video debuted at last night’s Grammy awards. 

The campaign, titled Change is a Team Sport, follows American skater Jenn Soto Soto in what looks like a high school – after slipping on some adidas superstar trainers, she bumps into an array of adidas’ collaborators in the academy.

Featuring everyone from Blondey McCoy to Pharrell Williams, Blackpink to Anitta, Dazed 100-ers Yara Shahidi, Mette Towley, and Kerwin Frost – who recently kicked off his own partnership with adidas – also feature in the video. Elsewhere sees a legion of athletes including American basketball player Tracy McGrady and skateboarder Mark Gonzales

With Jonah Hill providing an accompanying voice-over for the short film, the Mid90s director explains, “We can all do amazing things on our own, but together we can do so much more.” 

The first in a series of initiatives which are set to take place throughout the year, adidas is hoping to bring together ‘games-changers’ across the worlds of music, fashion, sport, and art, honing in on the idea of using teamwork to create and inspire positive change.

“There’s no knowledge without the older generation who did it first,” Hill said of the campaign. “And there’s no change or progression without the new generation. So if those two generations come together, I feel like that creates the atomic charge for great art and great creativity.”