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@gothdesgarcons Maison Margiela Croc Instagram designer

The label behind the ‘Goth Croc’ just dropped a Margiela-inspired version

@gothdesgarcons debuted a white emulsion-covered homage to the iconic Maison on its IG

Cast your mind back around six months and you may recall that, during the Hot Girl Summer of 2019, Instagram went wild for what were immediately dubbed the ‘Goth Crocs’ (and also a pair of Croc gloves, but the less said about those the better). 

As seen on certified fashion icon Rico Nasty, the inky-black, lethally studded style was the work of IG label @gothdesgarcons, which, in the time since, has become known for its unique, customised versions of the ever-divisive shoe, which first rose to fashion notoriety at the hands of Christopher Kane and Demna Gvasalia.

Now, with a number of iterations of the so-called Goth Croc under its belt, the label has turned its attention towards a pretty iconic fashion figure when it comes to its latest design: Martin Margiela

Landing on @gothdesgarcons’ IG two days ago, the new style employs the designer’s frequent and liberal use of matte white paint, and features a unique, cracked finish.

Though the shoe is in no way endorsed by Martin (as far as we know), it definitely feels like a natural progression of his work at the Maison he founded. Tbh, had he not left it behind in 2009, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he would have run a paintbrush over a pair of Crocs and sent them down the runway himself. 

Sadly, unlike the Goth Crocs, which you can get your hands on for the princely sum of $160 (sign us up) there’s no sign of the Martin Margiala iteration actually going up for sale just yet – but keep your eyes on the @gothdesgarcons page just in case.