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Legendary Labour Fundraiser
via Instagram (@antifascistlegendarylabourfund)

Ashley Williams and Matty Bovan are selling their work to stop Tory rule

London’s most notable designers are set to donate pieces to the upcoming Legendary Labour Fundraiser party

The general election is just over two weeks away, and politics is rightfully seeping into all conversations. With prominent members of the creative industries all taking to social media to encourage people to register to vote, the conversation is now moving towards who best to vote for.

Given the Conservatives’ disregard of the creative industries and a distinct lack of funding, as well as all their other intolerable and inexcusable policies, from austerity to the privatisation of the NHS, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out which way the creative industries are leaning. You can read our reasons for backing Labour here.

Now, Legendary Labour Fundraiser is hosting a party to help stop, “rising homelessness, cuts to arts, women’s & youth services, and the erosion of queer and migrant rights,” by raising money for the Labour party to help end Tory rule. 

With money raised through entry to the upcoming party, taking place at Ormside Projects, there will also be contributions from some of London’s most prominent designers. The event will see the likes of Ashley Williams, Charlotte Knowles, Christopher Shannon, Matty Bovan, Claire Barrow selling a selection of their work, with a number of artists contributing pieces to the event, including Dazed photographer Harley Weir to filmmaker and Dazed 100-er Frank Lebon, Harrie Bradshaw, and more. 

Taking to Instagram, the organisation said, “we’re raising funds for the last leg of their campaign which, unlike the Tories’, lacks an array of billionaire backers.”

Reflecting on the importance of this election the post went onto say: “We often find ourselves powerless despite so much collective creative ammunition. This event is a way of showing people, especially young people, there are myriad forms of resistance in addition to the traditional.”

The party will take place at Ormside Projects, 32 Ormside Street, SE15 1TR on Sunday, December 1 from 7pm-midnight.