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Yoox Mirror
Courtesy of Yoox

Forget IRL shopping and let your personalised avatar do it for you

Online retailer Yoox’s new online experience allows you to build a digital, 3-D version of yourself to try on clothes

It’s the question that long-suffering friends and lovers the world over dread: “Does this look good on me?” Though, it’s unlikely it will be one they face for much longer, given that your very own avatar can now step in to help make decisions about the clothes you’re considering buying online. 

Through the just-launched YooxMirror Reloaded, digital retailer Yoox’s re-upped version of its styling tool, images and selfies can be used to build a digital, 3-D version of yourself who’ll ‘try on’ clothes in your place. At the same time, the in-app tech will use deep learning and algorithms to analyse a piece and suggest other items that’ll work for you. This killer combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality come together to give a stronger picture of how clothes will fit, rather than guestimates.

While the tech might have been available previously, retailers have been reluctant to incorporate it in their shopping experience until now, with the BBC reporting that western retailers have been slow on the uptake because of concerns that customers ‘could be put off by what they see’, resulting in a drop in sales. Retailers like Yoox, however, have for a long time been steadily driving towards a more tech-focused future, with these digital avatars set to make the online experience less uncertain: which ultimately means less returns, and less waste. 

Can we create virtual shopping experiences that lower mass consumption and stop clothes ending up in landfill? Yes, because you’ll already know that definitely looks good on you.