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Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a v interesting way of pronouncing Louis Vuitton


As part of Donald Trump’s ongoing quest to make America great again, the US president has opened up a Louis Vuitton factory in Texas. 

The factory will make the brand’s LV logo bags, which will sport the tag “Made in the US”. Ahead of its opening, the factory was toured by members of the Trump clan: Ivanka and her husband Jared were there, alongside LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault and his son. 

As cows grazed the fields outside, one of the most high profile names in politics met with one of the most high profile names in fashion. A truly surreal moment, all taking place in rural Texas.

Louis Vuitton, which Trump pronounced “Looie Vooton” in front of a room full of press and factory workers, is a brand he knows very well apparently. “It cost me a lot of money over the years,” the reality-star-turned-president claimed. FYI: this is how it is actually pronounced

With a French, American, and Texan flag behind them, alongside a huge number of pristine white sewing machines, Trump, Arnault, Ivanka, and others also did that weird thing of cutting a big ribbon with a novelty-sized pair of scissors to officially open the space, which Arnault seemed to struggle with slightly. But then, it’s not surprising: if we were safeguarding as much wealth as he is, were pretty sure we’d forget how to do simple day-to-day things too. 

Mr Arnualt, who was not “here to judge his types of policies” was seemingly happy to have Trump there. If anything, it made for an entertaining day on Twitter, so at least there was that.