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Loewe SS20 campaign Steven Meisel slime

Five mesmerising slime videos, inspired by Loewe’s SS20 campaign

Shot by Steven Meisel, the new series features a blob of neon green goo oozing between the fingers of a manicured hand

Loewe just dropped its SS20 campaign, which this season features Jodie Comer (best-known for her role as relentless assassin Villanelle in Killing Eve), a new trio of handbags, and… a whole bunch of slime. 

Shot by Steven Meisel, in the third photograph of the newly released triptych, a pair of hands embellished with some pretty serious looking acrylic nails stretch out a fluorescent lump of the goo, as the material oozes between their fingers. 

Taken from a new series entitled A Show Of Hands, which was previewed in Paris at June’s menswear shows, there is also an arm holding an ice cream (with one precariously placed finger appearing set to poke it), as well as two parakeets resting gently on a tattooed hand. 

While all three together form a brilliantly surreal set, it’s the one featuring the sensual green slime that’s doing the most for us. With a whole lot of ASMR videos featuring the innocuous gloop having swept the internet over the course of the last couple of years, settling down with a nice, relaxing slime video in a bid to calm our anxiety-riddled brains has become a widespread obsession – and seemingly Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson is no different. 

With this in mind, as inspired by the Spanish label’s new campaign, we’ve put together a series of our favourite IG slime videos, because it’s grey and miserable outside, and you deserve it. Check them out below.