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Buffalo Zine Issue 10
Buffalo Zine

Buffalo Zine’s unfinished 10th issue is a little bit rough around the edges

With time running out to get the latest issue to print, the team behind the magazine released the magazine as it was – outstanding edits and all

It’s Buffalo Zine's 10th birthday, and this time around the issue looks a little rough around the edges – because, as Buffalo’s editor-in-chief Adrian Gonzalez-Cohen puts it: “Let’s not sugar coat it: basically we didn’t finish on time.”

For its anniversary issue, the biannual zine wanted to show the stressful nature of magazine making, and the all-too-often feelings of hopelessness and despair that come with setting a deadline (key word: dead). Instead of pushing to meet the cut-off point, they said ‘fuck it!’, and let the deadline meet them, regardless of how ready they were.

The result? Beautiful chaos, with almost 500 deconstructed pages of fashion and features (including one by Dazed’s own Emma Hope Allwood). Each page is filled with annotated interviews, illustrations, and editorials, plus the odd Post-It note and spelling mistake.

Coincidentally, the release of the magazine comes at a poignant moment, after news broke that Virgil Abloh was set to take a break from fashion earlier this month. Flying internationally up to eight times a week, the designer’s announcement that he would be stepping back for a while served to highlight the pressures placed on those working within the industry. 

Buffalo's ‘unfinished’ zine continues this conversation, removing the exterior gloss of fashion and showing what really goes into making a magazine happen. “This is Buffalo Zine with her knickers down. Welcome to the wonderful world of magazine making!”

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