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Alice Marie Johnson
Courtesy of Skims

Freed prisoner Alice Marie Johnson stars in Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS campaign

The woman granted clemency after Kim K met with president Trump makes her modeling debut in the shapewear line

Following Kim Kardashian’s announcement of her shapewear line SKIMS, today she revealed the first face of the brand – Alice Marie Johnson.

Back in 2017, Johnson’s sentence was commuted after a campaign by Kardashian West, in which she met with Donald Trump. Johnson had served 21 years of a life sentence and previously had no possibility for parole for a nonviolent, first time drug offense.

She is the first of 26 women to front the campaign, which is billed as including “real and intimate stories told by these women about why they love their bodies and how SKIMS empowers them to feel the best version of themselves”.

In the video shared to Kardashian’s story, Johnson describes her life now saying, “I was set free on June 6 2018 so now every moment in life is precious to me, waking up in the morning and not having a bunk bed over my head is precious to me, being able to open the door whenever I want to and being able to breathe in fresh air, to breathe in freedom, that is precious to me.”

“This shapewear makes me feel that I can walk into the store, I can pick up something that I normally wouldn’t think about wearing and I can put it on, and it’s going to look great on me,” Johnson says in the advertising clip.

She says that Kardashian West “went to war” for her, describing her as her “war angel”.

Kardashian West recently changed the name of her shapewear line after controversy surrounding the original name, Kimono. Fans and detractors alike were quick to call her out for her ‘cultural insensitivity’ and the fact she was disrespecting a traditional Japanese garment imbued with hundreds of years of history. 

While it feels on the whole positive to see a woman affected so brutally by the broken criminal justice system get another chance at life, and Kardashian West has remained a valiant advocate for those facing injustice, something feels off about a billionaire and corporation shilling shapewear and collating capital using such a story.

SKIMS officially launches on September 10.