Boris Johnson’s ‘PRIME MINISTER’ jacket is v Vetements

Would not cop tbh

Welcome to the UK in the year of our Lord 2019: a literal hellscape where Brexit looms large, the NHS is on the brink of being dismantled, and Boris Johnson is a Vetements-wearing hypebeast. Wait… what? 

Okay fine: not exactly. 

Having made his way up to Scotland to visit a naval base in Faslane – “Go back!” a million Scottish voices cry in pained unison – the Conservative leader was photographed wearing an oversized waterproof jacket with ‘PRIME MINISTER’ emblazoned on the chest, which he was gifted by the Ministry of Defence upon his arrival there. 

Looking like it could have come straight off uniform obsessive Demna Gvasalia’s SS20 runway, as seen amongst the security guard and McDonald’s shirts that made up the brand’s latest collection, it’s unclear as to whether or not the jacket was a good natured gesture on the part of the MOD or whether they’re as incredulous as we are that Johnson has risen to the rank of Prime Minister and needed to remind themselves that yes, this incompetent, bumbling moron really is leading the UK in all its political endeavours (help). In fact, despite what it might say on his chest, it’s more likely you’d take him for a traffic warden or a harrassed bouncer at uni town club having a hard time during freshers week than you would as the head of the Conservatives tbh. 

While Vetements is renowned for subverting fashion and injecting its clothing with a heady dose of irony (and isn't scared of making a political statement re; our world leaders) there’s another uber-hyped label that we think would have been much more appropriate in Johnson’s case. Off-White’s signature quotation marks – “PRIME MINISTER” – seem to us to be more fitting, given no one actually voted for this man. 

Aside from this questionable outfit choice and many other ridiculous public appearances, BoJo continues to plunge us further into Brexit hell today as he remains stalemate over the Irish border and the collapsed NI government. Meanwhile, just a few days ago it was announced he was scrapping the investigation into Conservative MP Mark Field's assault on Greenpeace protester Janet Barker last month, claiming it was a “matter for the previous PM”. As with basically everything Johnson does: you hate to see it.