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Rihanna’s curvy Fenty mannequin
courtesy of Twitter/@TeamOfRihanna

The internet is loving Rihanna’s curvy Fenty mannequins

‘I look like a Fenty mannequin’

Whether she’s selling beauty products or lingerie under her Fenty brand, acting alongside Donald Glover, helping raise over $2 billion for global education(!), or of course making music, it seems like Rihanna can do no wrong.

The artist (there’s not enough hyphens in the world to go through every creative role) has always been an ambassador for better representation. In fact, she’s literally an ambassador in her native Barbados. And with her new Fenty label she’s not slacking.

Days after Nike unveiled plus-sized mannequins in its London flagship store, Fenty has also included mannequins that look like real women (which obviously shouldn’t be news, but is) at a New York City popup.

Predictably, supporters on social media are here for it, celebrating the fact that they can really relate to a fashion brand.

As other posters point out, Fenty and Rihanna definitely deserve the recognition for the move and its empowering effect.

There’s even been the suggestion that the mannequin itself is based off of Rihanna’s actual body, which isn’t completely unbelievable.