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Balenciaga SS02
Balenciaga SS02Courtesy of Byronesque

Byronesque is selling loads of iconic Nicolas Ghesquière-era Balenciaga

Over 100 archive pieces are now available via the online based vintage fashion retailer

Cast your mind back to about 20 years ago, it’s the early 2000s and Nicolas Ghesquière is at the helm of Balenciaga. If at the time you were too young, or simply unable to get your hands on his incredible creations, now is your time.

After many people, who work in fashion, requested Balenciaga-era Ghesquière to vintage fashion retailer Byronesque, the online boutique has staged an industry-only one time sale.  

Up for grabs are some of the most iconic and notable pieces Ghesquière designed during his 12-year span at the Paris-based fashion house. Within 24 hours of the release, the patchwork dress which opened the SS02 show sold immediately. Also available from the SS02 collection are the black cargo pants, which priced at $1,400, have already sold out and are scheduled for a second drop.

With iconic garments like the SS08 neoprene jacket, SS02 wool scarf and SS06 ruffle blouse already in high demand, if you work in fashion and want in, it's time you to gather your savings and get involved before it’s too late!