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hey reilly collaboration bimba y lola
Bimba Y Lola x Hey ReillyArtwork Hey Reilly

IG artist HeyReilly turns Mona Lisa into hypebeast for new collab

The creative was enlisted by brand Bimba Y Lola to bring its collection of bumbags to life

Since starting his account in 2017, Instagram artist Hey Reilly has branched out into fashion – working with the likes of Fendi and Marc Jacobs to bring his humorous approach.

Now, Spanish label Bimba Y Lola has enlisted him to reimagine its new collection of ‘Olympia’ bumbags. Split in two series, the first sees the bags juxtaposed against works of art, and the second sees them photoshopped into IRL items that look like bums. Think tomatoes and trees with misshapen lumps.   

“The brand liked a strand of my work on Instagram, where I play off images of classic beauty in sculpture and art,” the artist tells us. “The wordplay on the BIMBA Y LOLA/BUMBA Y BAGA came through jokes with my team, which I was really pleased they decided to include, as it gives the images an instant cheeky (pun intended) hit, while supporting and extending the brand recognition in a playful memorable way.”

Most important for Reilly is always bringing a sense of fun to his work, and the fashion industry at large. “I most enjoy making work that combines a jolt of recognition, a hit of joy, and a lightness of spirit,” he says. “Humour is an undervalued theme in all the arts. But, I just try to bring my creative experience to any project, and I suppose I'm a happy-go-lucky kinda person!”