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Undercover made a Suspiria-inspired coat with Tilda Swinton on it

The petition to get Tilda herself to wear it starts here

Jun Takahashi of Japanese label Undercover has a long history of tapping into cult movies when it comes to his avant-garde designs: just take last season, when he sent a bunch of A Clockwork Orange-esque droogs down the runway, his AW18 offering, in which HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey became a bumbag, or that time a grown-up version of The Shining’s Grady twins closed his SS18 show if you’re looking for examples.

This time around, though, when it came to his womenswear collection, the designer didn’t dive quite so far into the depths of movie history. Instead, for AW19, Takahashi looked to last year’s Suspiria – the long-awaited remake of Dario Argento’s crimson-soaked, Goblin-soundtracked, 1977 low-key masterpiece, as directed by Luca Guadagnino. And let us tell you: is it something.

Released by way of a lookbook, after Takahashi decided to dip from the Paris schedule last season, on the line-up are voluminous silk-satin overcoats, cropped, boxy jackets, and wide, flared trousers featuring all manner of draped and fringed panels which hang from waistlines, sleeves, and hips – a reference to the red Shibari-inspired costumes worn by the demonic dancers of the Helena Markos Dance Company? Quite possibly.

Elsewhere, scenes and characters from the movie itself are emblazoned across sweaters, trapeze-dresses, and full-length circle skirts, which is where Tilda Swinton, in her role as the formidable Madame Blanc comes in. Wearing the red cape she appears in during the film’s bloody climax, Blanc is emblazoned across the front of a black, full-length coat, as accessorised with red heels and a severe-looking headband which appears to be made from bone (which we’re unable to confirm or deny right now, but we’re going to hazard a guess and go with it being faux).

The question we’re asking ourselves now is: how likely is it Swinton herself might opt to wear it on the red carpet (or elsewhere) as part of what would be the most meta – and wildly fucking brilliant – moment ever? We can only hope. Tilda, over to you (but, like, seriously – please).

Head to the Undercover IG to see the full collection.