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Totally Luxury Spa Kelsey Lu
Kelsey LuPhotography Daniel Regan

Kelsey Lu stars in LA streetwear label Total Luxury Spa’s new campaign

A series of Los Angeles’ creative visionaries were captured in their homes by photographer Daniel Regan

Self-described as ‘Fiction Based Reality’, Los Angeles-based clothing brand Totally Luxury Spa is all about creating narratives that clash the past and future to create social consciousness. For its latest campaign, photographer Daniel Regan was invited into the homes of several LA visionaries – including musician Kelsey Lu and artist Martine Syms – to document them wearing the new collection in their own environments.

Captured in front of a number of stereos in her musical sanctuary, Lu’s striking ombre orange hair and bright blue eyebrows are hard to miss. Elsewhere, we see Martine Syms among a sea of books and plants wearing the ‘Bath Foundation of Youth’ jumper. Creative director Sanam Sindhi and South Central Los Angeles native Lauren Halsey also star in the campaign.

The collection itself features eleven new graphic t-shirts and hoodies, which aim to promote well-being, with slogans such as “You are entering the spiritual zone, please turn off all radios and negative thoughts”. Other pieces include a jumper, called ‘You Are Invited’, that has the words “move constantly in the path of virtue, without airing a single step” printed on the back.

What’s more, a Palo Santo ‘spiritual pack’ is also sold as part of the collection and 50 per cent of the proceedings from the ‘Mr. Wisdom’ jumpers go to a local wellness chef who recently lost his South Los Angeles restaurant. So, you can wear the collection, help their community, and cleanse your energy at the same time.

Shop the collection here.