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Instagram of the Week: @expo156 futuristic utopia

The radical IG account exploring the evolution of humanity

@expo156 imagines a brighter, more utopian future where humans and aliens live harmoniously

“I think that alien-human aesthetics can help us change the way we think, get rid of a lot of preconceptions, and make our society more creative, inclusive, and tolerant in terms of gender,” Charline, founder of the Instagram account @expo156, explains. That’s why she started it in the first place. Having graduated from art school in the French town of Nancy, Charline wanted a place to collect images of the future to see if she could produce something brighter, more utopian – somewhere that says that changing bodies aren’t something to demonise, or be afraid of.

“When I look at this collection,” she continues, “I find that it shows a kind of fictional universe that’s quite coherent and visually strong. Even at the chromatic level, the images were often in blue or black tones. It was a bit like trying to recreate an imaginary sci-fi movie from sets, props, and technology. I wanted to see how far I could go in this way of working and if it could be attractive for other people.”

And it is: scroll the grid and you’ll a find positive, confident takes on what could constitute the future – long spines, silver fingers, bionic arms, and everyone coming in peace. “The idea is that the situations or objects presented in the image – be they clothes, works of art, design or architecture – are like portals helping us to transform ourselves and go to the future.”

That’s important for Charline, too – to use these images to constitute a vision of herself, as a model for what a modified body or future could look like. “I realise that I often show images of people who use art and technology as a way to become oneself,” she reasons. “It’s people that I can admire and take as a model. Overall I try to create aesthetic and conceptual links between different forms of creations in order to make a kind of presentation of a desirable and utopian future.”

A desirable utopian future is exactly what we should be aspiring to, as the world continues to circle the drain. Instead of terror, or blood, or goop, or flesh sprouting teeth, step into @expo156’s world where half-human-half-aliens are coming to make it all better.