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Vivienne Westwood fracking protest
Photography Robert Binder

Vivienne Westwood danced to protest fracking today

The British designer danced to Abba’s Dancing Queen, as part of her ongoing fight against Conservative Party-sanctioned fracking in Lancashire

Vivienne Westwood’s anti-fracking activism is no news. After leading the Fracked Future march in London back in 2014, the grand dame of environmental activism headed for Lancashire today, where she stood up against oil and gas giant Cuadrilla’s controversial gas extraction process.

But this was no ordinary demonstration. Supported by her son, activist Joe Corré, Westwood danced to Abba’s “Dancing Queen” on Preston’s public highway at lunch time today. Remind you of anyone? As part of her oppositional stance on the environmentally destructive process, the designer's actions were one in the eye for Theresa May, who – in what was a soul-crushingly embarrassing moment for anyone who witnessed it – made her way onto the stage at the Tory Party conference last month while dancing to the Swedish supergroup’s song.

“Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Germany have all rejected fracking,” says Corré. “England has been left flapping in the wind. The Conservative Government is now isolated as the only Main political party waving the last and final flag of air polluting fracking.”

Westwood and Corré appeared on the public highway in front of Cuadrilla's fracking well gates on Preston New Road to stand up for the #RightToProtest, as inhabitants of the Northern town showed their support with flags, placards, and messages of solidarity. 

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