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Photography by Marcelo Krasilcic

The Rise of Risto Bimbiloski

Emerging fashion house based in New York and Paris; part inspired by Parisian design, part inspired by early pop images on MTV.

Amongst the predator-prey relationships and the popular culture spawned by MTV lie the muses of emerging fashion house, Risto. Head designer of mens knitwear at Louis Vuitton, Risto Bimbiloski’s designs evoke a sense of wild romanticism and explore the ambiance of beauty and danger.
Born in Macedonia and based in New York and Paris, Risto’s collections are centred on forward-thinking vision-merging East and West, masculinity versus femininity. He charmed the likes of Angela Lindvall and earned accounts with Barneys New York and Opening Ceremony with his 'Hypernova' collection- innovatively shying away from the pre-written clichés of a S/S collection with a muted palette of black and white and accents of signatory knitwear. Birds of prey form the crux of inspiration for his current A/W 09 collection ‘Hunter’. Fabrics used scanter through delicate cashmeres and silks to high gloss viscose and nylon; the eagle’s eye is lavishly printed across dresses and blouses. Evening-wear revives the 80s New York club scene, taking the form of the prom dress, and brute femme fatale silhouettes give weight to the phrase ‘dressed to kill’.
Dazed Digital: Summarise Risto in one word
Risto Bimbiloski: Acidchique  
DD: Your current collection 'Hunter' serves as a metaphor for women to 'use clothes as weapons in the urban battleground'. Can you tell us more about this concept…
Risto Bimbiloski: We took snapshots at my birthday party with a kaleidoscopic camera and a very weird nocturnal ambience came about.  The pictures were between hyper complex falcon view and dizzy drugged out of focus. Then I got the idea of this nocturnal “head-hunting” creature, once again, between extreme danger and profound beauty. Marcelo Krasilcic captured this so well on his photos for my lookbook .

DD: What is the first thing you did when you started working on this collection?
Risto Bimbiloski: Talked to the printing company…

DD: What are you working on at the moment? What inspires you at the moment?
Risto Bimbiloski: Renaissance. I am obsessed by this idea that despite of all we are in a period of a renaissance. That was the starting point for my S/S '10 collection. I will present the final result on September 12 at the NYC Fashion Week.

DD: You describe Macedonia, where you're from, as, "a matriarchal society full of strong women proud of their heritage and traditions.: What kind of woman do you have in mind when designing your collections?
Risto Bimbiloski: I do not imagine women to fit my clothes but clothes to fit women. I leave it free what kind of women (or man) will like the garment. They need to have a certain budget though…

DD: You're head of mens knitwear at Louis Vuitton, are there any possibilities for Risto Menswear?
Risto Bimbiloski: I am actually this month but very small, essential menswear variations of the main ideas. Everyone could wear it…

DD: Will there be anywhere in the UK we can get Risto from?
Risto Bimbiloski: Unfortunately not yet.