Levi’s channels $1 million into a new fund to end gun violence

‘Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear of gun violence’

At the beginning of the year, Gucci announced that it would be donating $500,000 in support of ‘March For Our Lives’ – a march that followed the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida killing 17 people. 

Taking a similar stance on the issue of gun violence – which is estimated to have killed 9,879 people in America in 2018 alone – is denim brand Levi’s. “Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear of gun violence,” president and CEO Chip Bergh told Fortune. “While taking a stand can be unpopular with some, doing nothing is no longer an option.”

In support of gun control, the company has started the ‘Safer Tomorrow Fund’ which will give over $1million over the next four years to help support non-profits and young activists who are campaigning to end gun violence in the US. Elsewhere, Levi’s is also encouraging its employees to get involved, giving them 60 hours a year of paid volunteer time, which Bergh is urging them to use towards the gun control efforts. 

“As a company, we have never been afraid to take an unpopular stand to support a greater good,” Bergh continues, noting the support Levi’s has pledged to racial equality and the LGBTQ+ community in the 165 years it has been around. “While each one of these stands may have been controversial at the time, history proved the company right in the long run. And I’m convinced that while some will disagree with our stand to end gun violence, history will prove this position right too.”