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Checking Invoices@checking_invoices

Checking Invoices is the IG account making morphsuits fashionable

We speak to the anonymous photographer and stylist behind the images

Fashion loves irony. Need proof? Look no further than Virgil Abloh’s totally transparent Off-White suitcase, or Jeremy Scott’s walking flower bouquets at Moschino. As the King of Irony, you might have seen Demna Gvasalia’s Spider-Man-printed morphsuit/dress combos recently on the Vetements Instagram account.

While morphsuits might not be the most chic attire you can imagine, two people looking to change this are the duo behind Instagram account Checking Invoices. If you haven’t seen the images, it involves a morphsuit-wearing individual strolling out-and-about in the most OTT fashions from Balenciaga, Gucci, and Halpern.

Founded by an anonymous photographer and stylist based in Italy, the pair first started taking snaps when trying on outfits for shoots – not wanting to be seen, the stylist often covered her face with fabric to keep her identity under wraps. Naturally, this progressed to wearing a morphsuit (as you do). Creating the account with just their friends in mind, it quickly drew attention from the likes of Gucci, before blowing up completely.

With their followers growing considerably, the two moved on from taking pictures in their apartment to shocking unsuspecting members of the public. “At the beginning, we were kind of shy because we thought people were going to call the police,” the duo tell us. “Now we don’t really care at all. We’ll just put on whatever we want and go out and take pictures.”

Here, we talk to the founders behind the account about their favourite designers, bringing fun to fashion, and what’s next.

How did you first meet?

Checking Invoices: We met in Milan eight years ago through mutual friends and now we’re roommates. That’s how we spent a lot of time together and how the project came about in the first place. It was very spontaneous.

Where did the idea for the account come from?

Checking Invoices: One of us is a photographer and the other is a stylist. She was always trying on clothes for shoots, but didn’t want her face to be shown and would use fabric to cover it. We had all these pictures of an anonymous person, wearing all these fashion clothes so we made an Instagram just for our friends – then it became really big.

First, it started out as pictures, but she has amazing body language so we started making videos too. At the beginning, everything was in our house, but then we were like “this could be shot out in the real world” so we started going out and taking pictures and videos. We wanted to do mundane, everyday activities, like going to the supermarket, to see how people reacted.

How did you come up with the name Checking Invoices?

Checking Invoices: When you’re a stylist, you receive the bags of clothes and you’re supposed to check the invoices to make sure that everything they sent is there. That’s what we’re doing when we take pictures – one of us checks the clothes, while the other one puts them on.

What are some of your favourite designers you like to wear?

Checking Invoices: I would totally say Balenciaga and Gucci, because they’re both very bling bling and can be very weird. We did a nice video with Halpern Studio and that was really cool too because his clothes are amazing.

How do people react when they see you in the morphsuits?

Checking Invoices: We get a lot of different reactions. Some people get scared, some of them laugh, some of them don’t look because they don’t even know what they are seeing. It’s strange in the moment, because one of us is totally normal and the other one is really dressed up. The funniest time was this one time we were asked to attend a party. All of our friends were there, but we were in the suits so they didn’t recognise us at all.

Did you ever think people would be so interested in the account?

Checking Invoices: We were actually really confident that it could work because everyone is so obsessed with catchy images on Instagram and social media, and this is obviously really eye-catching. We’re both in the industry too, so we understand how big things can get. After a month of it being online, we were contacted by Gucci to do the social campaign for their watches and then it exploded after that.

“Hopefully when people see our pictures and videos they’ll say: ‘OK, so they’re crazy, but somehow someone without showing their face could wear that to the supermarket’” – Checking Invoices

What do you want people to take away from Checking Invoices?

Checking Invoices: Hopefully the irony and the fun! When someone doesn’t work in fashion, they might see a show like Gucci and think ‘Are they out of their fucking mind? ‘What is this clothing and where would people even wear that?’ Hopefully when they see our pictures and videos they’ll say: ‘OK, so they’re crazy, but somehow someone without showing their face could wear that to the supermarket.’

Why is important to you to bring fun to fashion at the moment?

Checking Invoices: It’s always so serious in the fashion industry. Stylists are always drama queens and everything is always a drama. We’re not saving the world, so why can’t we have fun?

I think there are a lot of ways you could analyse it, and we are not the first people to use anonymity in fashion, but that wasn’t the message really. Nowadays, fashion is very much about who you are, who you say you are, or what you wear, so it’s mostly a comment on appearance.

How do you want to carry on growing Checking Invoices?

Checking invoices: We would like to work with brands that we like and that we think represent our aesthetic, but for now we’re just doing what we want. We’re not really seeing it as something that can be commercialised. We want to be picky so it doesn’t become too mainstream. We worked with some other people on it before and didn’t really enjoy it. It became a job because we had to be careful and think about it, instead of having fun.

We still have normal jobs, but maybe in the future we could dedicate a bit more time to it. Take some looks and go on trips to produce more material. The account grew so fast, so we’re still trying to figure out how to handle it, but we have so much fun, so it’s totally worth it.