Watch a teenage Kate Moss star in her first ever music video

The track might be called ‘This is a Man’s World’, but we all know, really, it’s Kate’s

Kate? Is that you? In a Pat Diamond(?!) video back in 1989, when you were 14?

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, it is indeed Kate Moss – in the v v v early days of her career – walking around and flipping her hair in what looks like a forest, and fading in and out of the background of this very minimal music video. And while Pat Diamond tries to make certain he’s the centre of attention, Kate appears every time the singer says the words ‘woman’ or ‘girl’ and obviously steals the show right out of his hands.

The footage itself, while important, is a mystery, with no listed details whatsoever and just a caption which reads: Kate Moss First Music Video: Pat Diamond video 'This Is a Mans World’. There are two explanations as to why we have only seen this stunning video in our dreams and not reality until now: it was in a box in Pat’s garage until recently, or Kate’s agents had it covered up when she catapulted to fame and made said man’s world literally her own in a matter of a few truly spectacular Calvin Klein campaigns.

According to Pat’s well followed artist’s Facebook page, the story of this recently uncovered video goes: “I knew Kate Moss was famous but never once followed her career or even seen (sic) a photo of her since “Man’s World” video was recorded. I heard KM had done a Playboy cover” – had she, back then? – “so I contacte (sic) Playboy who in turn put me in touch with IMG Modeling (sic) Agency in New York. KM had never seen video nor I some twenty years after video was made.”

While the pair’s careers have somewhat forked in terms of direction since this video was made – with Kate going on to become one of the biggest and best-known models in the world – frankly, that Diamond’s track remained uncovered for so long is a travesty. It’s a brilliant song, the singer has great hair, he knows how to use a microphone, and did we mention Kate Moss stars? What’s not to love?

The answer is nothing. And, so, here it is – unearthed from a box in Pat’s garage: Kate Moss’s video debut. And, as we all knew already, this isn’t a man’s world. It’s Kate’s.