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So, Louis Vuitton hired a weather-controlling shaman for its Cruise show

No fashion shower here

Fashion loves to be #extra. Just look at the recent circuit of Cruise shows if you want receipts. Karl Lagerfeld literally built a giant cruise ship in the Grand Palais for the Chanel show, and Maria Grazia Chiuri flew in a gang of Mexican female horseriders at Dior. While Louis Vuitton’s offering wasn’t as overtly showy, the label went the extra mile, hiring a shaman to hold off the rain at the outdoor venue.

First reported by Page Six, the Brazil-based shaman is a longtime collaborator with the Parisian house, hired for both the 2018 and 2017 Cruise shows in Kyoto and Rio de Janeiro. According to Vogue, the anonymous individual “flies private only, sends information back to his fellow shaman wife in Brazil and together they command the winds.”

With the expensive cost of hiring a service for every Cruise show the shaman was let go, only to be quickly rehired following Dior’s outdoor show – which was also outside in the pouring rain (it added to the drama, TBH).

Reportedly kissing trees, the shaman was successful in his mission to stave off the rain. Round one to Louis Vuitton. Try harder next time, Mother Nature.

Watch the (rain-free) show below: