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Richard Malone wants Ireland to Repeal the 8th at upcoming referendum

Ahead of the vote on May 25, the Irish designer wrote an open letter supporting a ‘yes’ vote to removing anti-abortion laws

At the end of next week – on May 25 – Ireland will hold a referendum on whether or not to remove the Eighth Amendment from its constitution. The amendment in question restricts women’s rights to having an abortion, with repeal allowing those who are pregnant to have access to a free, safe, legal abortion in Ireland for up to 12 weeks. 

With the vote fast approaching, those with a platform are using it to show their support for the cause. Earlier this week, Irish actress Saoirse Ronan said she would be supporting a ‘yes’ vote, and now designer Richard Malone has also come out in favour of repeal.

In an open letter first posted on British Vogue, the designer shared that the fact this debate still exists in Ireland “ignites a painful kind of anger”. Listing the numerous reasons for repeal, most importantly he says that “women and men should have equal rights to healthcare, and complete equality in decisions around their own bodies.”

For those voting no, Malone’s rebuttal is simple: “Quite frankly, it isn’t your business. This is about choice. It is a particular kind of violence to take away another person’s choice.” Ahead of the important vote, other names showing their support for a yes vote include Cillian Murphy, Liam Cunningham, and Andrew Scott who took part in the official ‘Together for Yes’ campaign.

We hope Malone’s message encourages those who can to vote, to help bring about the vital change to Repeal the 8th on May 25.

Read the full letter here and for more information check out ‘Ireland Unfree’, our mini-series around the repeal movement.