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So, a Trump-supporting CGI model hacked Lil Miquela’s IG account

Created by AI company Cain Intelligence, right-wing personality Bermuda was behind the attack

Whatever you think about the sudden influx of CGI models on Instagram (more on that here) it seems like they’re here to stay. Forget any hate that you might have for them though, because they’re already turning on each other.

Last night, Lil Miquela – who is at the forefront of these new faces – found herself caught up in a drama after her Instagram was hacked by another CGI model named Bermuda. Deleting all of Miquela’s posts, she posted selfies with captions that read: “You’re being lied to by a fake ass person. My girl is a great liar. Sorry Miquela, I tried to DM, I tried to call you but you ‘stay curving’ me.” For the record, neither of them are actually real, but could they be any more like us?

If you aren’t familiar with Bermuda, she’s a right-leaning Trump supporter, who doesn’t believe in climate change or feminism. While she has been open about the company behind her, Cain Intelligence, there is still mystery surrounding Miquela and who created her. 

The drama between the two goes back as far as 2017 with Bermuda posting threats on her own account. “Keep ignoring me and I'll keep deleting your songs off Spotify,” one reads. “Do not mess with me.” Unsurprisingly Twitter has decided this is the end of the world. Or maybe it’s just art imitating life. If it’s good enough for Kanye and Taylor Swift, why can’t CGI Insta thots get in on the action too?

In the time since Bermuda hacked Miquela’s account her own following has grown from just over 2,000 to nearly 50k. And this isn’t the end of the feud. Although Miquela has now regained control of her account, and retrieved all her posts, Bermuda gave her 48 hours (now 43) to reveal the truth behind her creation.

Whether you’re #TeamMiquela, or #TeamBermuda, we can all get our life seeing how this petty drama continues.