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Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Tupac tee lawsuit has been dropped

Keeping up with the controversies

Are things finally looking up for the Jenners? After a number of controversies in 2017 – Pepsi-gate, and a handful of copyright lawsuits among them – the family can rejoice as one of the cases against them has been dropped.

Following the release of a t-shirt collection under their Kendall + Kylie label – that featured tees branded with icons like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and Ozzy Osbourne – the pair had their wigs snatched off by Sharon Osbourne and Biggie’s mum, Voletta Wallace who weren’t happy with their loved ones being commodified in that way.

Not enough though, photographer Michael Miller, whose images of Tupac were used, said they were “misappropriated and wrongfully exploited, slapping the iconic photographs on garments and overlaying them with dubious imagery and text” and filed a lawsuit. The photographer was seeking compensation of $150k per copyrighted image.

At the time, a Kardashian/Jenner rep said the case was absurd as the pair had nothing to do with the creation of the tees. Now, a new filing has revealed that the case against the sisters has been dropped, although it is unclear whether a financial settlement was reached.

If 2016 was about realising stuff, maybe 2018 is about getting away with things?