Chanel’s new podcast delves into Soo Joo Park and Susie Lau’s handbags

Because you always wanted to know what they kept in those 2.55s, surely?

Way back in 2007, Karl Lagerfeld stated that he owned 70 iPods (remember those?). While we’re unable to confirm exactly what he has saved on all of them – though, as part of a CD compilation created with Vogue a few years ago, the designer selected tracks by LCD Soundsystem, Caribou, and Devendra Banhart as his favourite songs – we’re fairly sure we know what he listens to on his iPhone: Chanel’s 3.55 podcast.

Originally aired at Colette in the autumn of last year, and then again at the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition in Hong Kong, the third installment takes up residence at Coco Chanel’s apartment at 31 rue Cambon, Paris. Hosting proceedings is Amanda Harlech, who introduces herself by saying she “doesn’t really have a job description, but Karl Lagerfeld describes me as his ‘outside pair of eyes’”. Harlech has been a muse to the designer since 1997.

On the line-up of guests invited to Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartment are ten of the women integral to the Chanel ‘family’, including fashion writer (and Dazed contributor) Susie Lau, models Soo Joo Park and (the iconic) Stella Tennant, and photographer Margaret Zhang. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the podcast’s title is a riff on the name of the French fashion house’s legendary 2.55 bag, each guest takes a seat inside the apartment and explains their relationship with the brand and its signature accessory to Harlech.  

Tennant, who’s been modelling for the house since the early-90s, details the contents of her (two) Chanel bags, the first a sheepskin style which she explains she’s had “forever.” Not one to travel light (see: understatement), the model lists “a large diary, an extra pair of earrings, paperwork, a large fur hat (also Chanel), pencils, loose change, art invitations, a lot of lists, receipts, train tickets, keys, lip balm, chewing gum, and a ‘chocolate snack’” as her essentials. Lau, on the other hand details her rationale when it comes to buying new bags, offering up advice on working out a ‘price-per-wear’ theory that (supposedly) justifies new purchases. We see you, Susie.

Check out the teaser video above, and download all ten episodes of 3.55 Handbag Stories on iTunes here.