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mademe campaign ss18 mayan lourdes leon princess nokia
MadeMe SS18 campaignPhotography Mayan Toledano

Princess Nokia returns to front new MadeMe campaign

Photographer Mayan Toledano shoots the New York label’s SS18 collection

NYC cool-girl label MadeMe – yes, the same MadeMe who just revealed its Converse collab available exclusively at the One Star Hotel – is back with a new collection and an accompanying campaign.

Started by founder and director Erin Magee, the label was created to fill the gap in the market for women’s streetwear. “MadeMe is a female brand surrounded by male brands,” Magee told us.

The SS18 collection, which she explains was inspired by “90s LA skate-rave teens”, continues to highlight the feminist blueprint of the brand. It features bold riot-grrrl-y graphics, versatile athleisure wear and urban yet practical utility pants – basically the appropriate uniform for zine-toting teens and Bikini Kill revivalists alike.

With the campaign images – shot by photographer and longtime collaborator Mayan Toledano – Magee wanted to represent the women in them realistically. Elsewhere is newcomer Amanda Baez, (“a NY girl with a great look and great personal style” says Magee) and recurring MadeMe muse Princess Nokia. Nokia returns as a perfect fit for the brand because, “she’s a female rapper in a historically male-dominated genre” – in parallel to how MadeMe exists in a male-dominated industry.

The shoot, which you can catch a glimpse of in the exciting teaser footage below, took place in an “extremely cold, very dusty and very creepy” abandoned Brooklyn rectory in early January – though you’d be none the wiser. If anything, the cryptic camcorder videos of rapper Nokia sporting the fresh designs amid flashy lights and pastel backdrops will have you looking forward to the summer. 

The SS18 collection drops on MadeMe’s website alongside the campaign today.