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Gucci AW18@cantaro_san

A model just carried her own severed head at the Gucci show

How’s your head?

Milan Fashion Week is here and with it, the moment a lot of you have been waiting for, Gucci’s latest collection. 

The invite for the AW18 show was a timer in a plastic bag, slowly counting down. To what, we still aren’t sure. Upon entering the show space – which had been transformed into an operating room – guests waited for the show to begin.

Featuring the expected fabulous fashions that we know connote with Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, there was one accessory that was very unexpected. Rounding the corner, the model looked like she could be carrying a small bag, but it was, in fact, a severed head – a replica of her own. Another model followed, carrying a replica of his head too – as you do. 

The title of the collection was ‘Cyborg’ with the notes explaining that the Gucci Cyborg is “post-human”. Is that the future we are heading towards? A world where we are all Michele’s cyborgs. Only he can answer that. As for our head? We haven’t had any complaints...