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nike the national saturday club styling workshop tips
Nike x The National Fashion&Business Saturday ClubPhotography Stroma Cairns

How to get started as a stylist – according to Dazed fashion editors

Essential tips for aspiring stylists from our styling workshop with Nike and The National Fashion&Business Saturday Club

Last weekend saw Dazed come together with Nike and The National Fashion&Business Saturday Club, a program run in partnership with the British Fashion Council, to host a fashion styling workshop featuring three Dazed Media stylists, one Nike designer, ten killer sneakers from Nike’s The 1 Reimagined collection and a lot of very good looks. 28 kids aged 14-18 made their way to the Dazed offices and took part in a day of unparalleled insight into the fashion industry and life working at a top magazine.

Between putting together their looks and seeing them shot by photographer Alice Neale, the kids got to hear from Nike materials design director Marie Crow, Dazed’s senior fashion editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell and digital head of fashion Emma Hope Allwood, as well as AnOther’s junior fashion editor Chloe Grace Press and Another Man’s fashion editor Peghah Maleknejad. Talks covered need-to-know tips, anecdotes and advice, as well as insight into life as a fashion editor and day to day operations at a fashion magazine.

For any wannabe stylists out there, here’s some of the wisdom from the day.


Safety pins, bulldog clips, white cotton gloves, a sewing kit and yes, even a couple of nude thongs. All of these are essential to a stylist’s kit bag, just to make sure you’re ready for any emergency situation. What if a button falls off a pair of trousers key to your advertising credit? You’ve got your sewing kit. That silver jewellery has some fingerprints on it? That’s what your cotton gloves are for. Your kit bag is your stylist doomsday kit, and you’ve got to make sure it’s always ready and organised.


In the workshop, participants were specifically tasked with putting together a look for one of five characters; the Lover, the Explorer, the Jester, the Sage and the Rebel. These characters were taken directly from The 1 Reimagined collection, as the archetypes each shoe is modelled around and the basis of each look put together. In a situation like this, it’s important to keep that character in mind at all times and work from there. Keywords surrounding the character and traits that character may have will inform your choices of outfit as you try and communicate it. Always be aware of your end goal, and always remind yourself it exists.


Having a wide sphere of reference comes from research, and knowing and understanding your references is key to being a successful stylist. Therefore, research is key. It means you’ll be able to channel that lingering infatuation with Buffy’s leather pants phase, or know what someone means when the t-shirt should feel very Marlon Brando.

“Each of the stylists taking part in the workshops have one thing in common; internships”


Each of the stylists taking part in the workshops have one thing in common; internships. They give you the chance to see how the industry works, get experience and most importantly understand your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Elizabeth Fraser-Bell started off wanting to be a fashion designer before she found her way to styling after, yep, you guessed it, completing an internship. Do as many as you can, and learn as much as you can.


No man is an island, and the same goes for stylists. Collaboration is a key part of a stylist’s process, whether it’s working with your assistant to pull together outfits, or consistently working with a particular photographer or hair and makeup team so you fully understand each other’s process and ideas. Collaboration can push you to be better, try something you perhaps wouldn’t usually, and give you access to sanity checks on the regular.

The 1 Reimagined collection is available on and selected retails. Nike is also hosting more experiences in London until February 18, have a look here.