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An anonymous Margiela collector is selling their archive on Instagram

Be quick before Kanye buys it all

Soon to become the subject of a Paris retrospective, designer Martin Margiela holds a hallowed position in fashion. Mysterious while he was working and totally out of sight since he stepped away from the house which bears his name, the clothes he created are not only beautiful but self-aware, inventive, and unsurprisingly, endlessly ripped off. Still, unless you’re a collector, chances are the closest you’ve come to owning an iconic piece of his archive is getting a repro from the 2012 H&M collaboration.

Not so for one anonymous Instagram user. Operating under the handle @margielacollector, the mysterious account first appeared a couple of days ago, and is posting cut-out images of some pretty jaw-dropping Margiela pieces – from the fur wig hats of AW97 to the glove halter-top of SS01, printed mesh from SS89 and several of the Stockman dummy pieces which appeared for SS97. Not to mention the bring-your-own-Sellotape Tabis, duvet coats, detachable sleeves, plastic bag top and a necklace made of broken plates. Naturally, there is no information given about the items – only an email address, and the fact there’s free shipping worldwide. Our curiosity piqued, we had to find out more.

Who are you?


(Editor’s note: this is scarification rather than white tattoo ink. @margielacollector also provided an image of the bloody wounds, but we thought this was a bit more SFW)

How long have you been collecting Margiela?

@margielacollector: Since my 19th birthday. 

Did you ever go to the shows?

@margielacollector: Yes, my last show was SS09, Martin announced he was leaving the House that day.

Do you collect other designers too?

@margielacollector: No.

Why are you selling your collection?

@margielacollector: I’m exhausted, it’s overwhelming, I can’t handle it.

How do we know you are for real?

@margielacollector: I wish you never knew... but it’s easy, buy something.

What do you think Martin’s work at Margiela represented?

@margielacollector: Poetry in fashion, missing today.

Do you have any favourite pieces?  


Which pieces do you think are the most significant or historical?


Are you keeping any or getting rid of everything?

@margielacollector: I could never get rid of everything, I need to be surrounded by some beauty in life.