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diesel renzo rosso fake deisel collection
DEISEL New York pop-upCourtesy of Diesel

Diesel just created a fake store to sell real bootlegs

Or should that be DEISEL?

When it comes to fashion fakes, there is literally no escape – they’re even being advertised on Instagram now. But what does that mean for the luxury brands who are being copied? If you’re Diesel, you adopt an if-you-can’t-beat-’em attitude and put out your own fake, fake merch.

“There’s always been knockoff culture,” founder Renzo Rosso told us. “But we want to celebrate people who embrace their imperfections and above all people that feel free to wear whatever they want. It’s about being relaxed about today’s style rules.”

Continuing the idea surrounding its last campaign – ‘Go With the Flaw’ – the collection features tees printed with intentionally misspelt DEISEL logos. “We want to inspire people to not only accept flaws in their lives but to wear imperfection with pride and turn them into positive traits,” Rosso explained.

For the collection’s launch, Diesel took to the streets of New York, setting up a pop-up on Canal Street where you might go to buy actual fakes. For those unsuspecting passersby who wandered into the shop, they had no idea that they were actually buying legit Diesel merch. “The whole experiment was caught in a video that celebrates those who are brave enough to venture off the beaten tracks to find their own unique style,” Rosso said.

Watch the video below and get your hands on a limited selection of the collection online on February 13.